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Meet Elaine

"I've been told I have a 'good sense of direction.' I don't believe that is the case. I'm just open to learning a new route with every wrong turn." 


For years, everyone said to me, “Elaine, narrow your focus! People need to know specifically what you are good at.” And for years, comments like that would send me on a crazed goose chase after someone else’s definition of success while completely disregarding my own. Today, I am the happiest I’ve ever been, right here, knowing and finally accepting that I am good at many things. And it doesn’t matter if I am sitting across from an emerging designer who wants to launch a new clothing line, a mid-sized marketing firm that has hit their profit ceiling and needs to pivot, or a multi-billion dollar global enterprise that needs to reach out and touch a diverse market, it all comes back to one thing—a vision.

So the many things that I am really good at—taking an incredible, inconceivable idea from nothing to something, building a brand from the ground up and watching it fly, and igniting people with the fire of possibility and rallying them around a purpose is exactly what I need to do and where I need to be. #specificnotspecific

The truth, my truth, is that I love tinkering and unboxing things—technology, ideas, and brands. I love the exhilaration that comes with trying something new. I love charged, creative environments and new challenges. I love helping people, like you, to express, create, or build something that matters. Let me show you where your opportunities for growth are, where to take your business next, and where the pulse of your true passion is. Because that’s what makes me feel alive. So we should talk.



Elaine Ayensu Mensah is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who has made her mark on industries from strategic management consulting, fashion, and branding, Elaine knows what it takes to risk it all to have it all.

When she left her successful corporate career to build the life and businesses of her dreams, she embarked on her own personal pursuit of happiness, determined to find the fulfillment she longed for. Her ever-evolving journey is one defined by her unwillingness to sacrifice her definition of success— a life and a legacy that is anchored in authenticity and passion.

Over the course of a few short years, Elaine has built her own strategic branding agency from the foundation up, all while following her creative curiosity wherever it leads her. The result has been chapters that a must-read memoir is made of, from independently producing her own groundbreaking documentary to pioneering an experiential learning program for a top university to becoming the creative and businesses development visionary behind the major moves of several successful small businesses.

A wife and a mother of two young children, she is unapologetically not balancing it all, yet still giving it all and determined to hold fast to her dreams in the process. When she is not envisioning and creating the next level for herself and her clients, she travels the country speaking to women and millennials on her perspective on entrepreneurship, facing fears, and using your creative soul as a compass to find what lights your life.

Follow her on Instagram & Twitter @elainemensah.


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